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Desert Temple by AnthonyFoti
Desert Temple
After going through my portfolio recently I realized there weren't any environments in there, so I thought I'd make one for the sake of having it. I just sort of came up with the story as I worked, but now that it's done I ALMOST want to call it "The Tomb of Bobbin Threadbare". Not that he would have a tomb or anything, but still.
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Guardian by AnthonyFoti
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Guardian
Here's another one from Force & Destiny, and once again it's a badass lady Mirialan. Usually when I read an art description, the thumbnailing process goes one of two ways. Sometimes I just see a blank canvas in my head, and the thumbnails are a way for me to slowly try and figure out what would work best for an illustration, but every once in a while I read the blurb and immediately see something similar to the final in my head. This was one of those times. I still end up churning out a bunch of ideas just to make sure I'm not jumping the gun, but more often than not (as was the case here) I'm unable to top that one shimmering, golden composition that showed up initially.
Railhead: Nova by AnthonyFoti
Railhead: Nova
So, Oxford chose several different illustrators to create designs for the characters in Railhead, and I was assigned Nova here. If I was in charge I probably would have given me Nova as well, and boy howdy was it an interesting assignment. 

Nova is robotic, but shows no signs of it on the surface. She's supposed to appear fully human. However, she can't show signs of emotion. THAT BEING SAID, her goal is to be more human and unique (she's created freckles on her face to stand out), so it was asked that her expression imply that she will learn to show emotion in time. Got that? A robot who shows no sign of being a robot, and an emotional being who is unable to express emotion. Okie dokie! My idea was to have her clothing and hair be made of hard angles and bright colors, to at least imply she's not very natural.
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Warde by AnthonyFoti
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Warde
Here's another Force & Destiny piece, this time from the Chronicles of the Gatekeeper adventure (…) . In case anyone here plays the game I'll refrain from explaining Warde's character too much, but we can at least assume from the image that he's not exactly Obi Wan.
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Shaak Ti by AnthonyFoti
Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Shaak Ti
Here's another one from Force & Destiny, which is now officially out and about.

In the original sketch I did actually draw her in an outfit closer to the one she's wearing in TFU, but after talking about it with my art director for a bit we decided it would be more fun to explore an earlier time when she had just arrived on the planet. That being said, I'm not too sure Force Unleashed is even cannon now (or ever?), but who knows, maybe she gets stranded on Felucia all the time. I can think of worse places to get stuck.
In an attempt to fix the earlier linking problems (along with just making the URL tidier), I've updated my Facebook page's address to

Check it out! :…


Tony Foti
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a freelance illustrator who works primarliy in the book and gaming industries.

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Happy star wars day!!!!
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Tony, I happened on your work while seeking out "Han Solo" and well, WOW, great stuff. My work is so very different but in the Eighties I worked for af couple of games companies making technical plans for spaceships and such, and this included (unpublished work) for Reich Star and some commissioned for West End Games. Sadly before it could be used that company went into administration. Added to my Watch - thank you.
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your art is magnificent!!
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